Worker Trapped in Idaho Mine has reported that the roof of a northeast Idaho mine collapsed on Friday, trapping a mine worker inside the Lucky Friday Mine. Rescue efforts are underway to free the man who became trapped when a 10-by-20-foot section of mostly rock fell on him, over 6,000 feet below the earth’s surface. Another man who was working in the same part of the mine was able to escape unharmed. The trapped miner has not been heard from since the collapse. Phil Baker, president and CEO of the Hecla Mining Co., is quoted in the article as saying, “We’re doing everything we can to reach the employee and will continue to make every effort, as long as it takes.” The cause of the collapse has not yet been determined. Representatives from the federal Mine Safety and Health Administration are on the scene. Lucky Friday has been in operation since 1942 and is described on Hecla’s website as a “deep underground silver, lead, and zinc mine”. Our firm has deep roots here in the anthracite coal region of Pennsylvania. So our thoughts and prayers go out to the miner and his family. We’ll continue to monitor this situation.

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