Two Tractor Trailer Accidents Ensnarl Traffic on I-81 in PA

Central PA’s news station CBS 21 reported two tractor trailer accidents on Interstate 81 this week that have attracted the attention of fellow truck drivers.

The first accident occurred in the early hours of Tuesday morning when a tractor trailer driver fell asleep at the wheel, lost control of his truck, and scattered hundreds of plastic bottles across the road way. According to the article, I-81 was shut down for nearly 5 hours.

The second accident occurred Tuesday afternoon when a tractor trailer negotiation a right turn onto the entrance ramp of I-81 rolled on its side, blocking both lanes of traffic.

In the article, one truck driver was quoted as saying about I-81, “It’s always a lot of traffic. I don’t know if they’re going too fast. There is speeding but they control it pretty good.”

Although no one was injured in either accident, police say that one of the drivers involved in the accidents was going too fast.

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