Winter Auto Accidents

During the winter months, Pennsylvania receives large amounts of snow that usually last for a long period of time. Ice typically follows after snow, which causes roads to be extremely dangerous for drivers. The Federal Highway Administration states that more than 1,300 people are killed and more than 116,800 people are injured in vehicle crashes during snow and ice conditions annually. The chance of causing or being involved in a winter auto accident increases as weather conditions become more severe.

AccuWeather states that there are three common accidents that can occur in the winter, including spin out collisions, rear end crashes, and lane drifting accidents. Icy conditions can potentially cause drivers to lose control and drift off the road or in the opposite lane of traffic. Spin out collisions are very dangerous and any slight movements of the wheel can make the problem worse. It is recommended for drivers to turn the wheel in the direction that they are spinning. Black ice is a transparent layer of ice on roads and paved areas, which is especially dangerous while driving. It is difficult for drivers to see black ice and can potentially cause an accident. In fact, icy roads are one of the top common winter auto accident contributors. In extreme weather conditions, drivers can lose control and crash off the road or into other cars.

Once cars start to slide on ice, they can also slide into other people and cause a rear end crash. Cars should keep a safe distance between each other, especially when driving in the winter. Generally, staying two to three car-lengths away from the car in front is a safe distance. Driving through a snowstorm or blizzard also has many problems. In this occasion, it can be very hard to see the lines on the road. As a result, lane departures can be common. Following tracks made by previous cars can be an easy solution to prevent moving into another lane.

Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and avoid car accidents from occurring in the winter. Before driving, it is recommended to check the weather conditions. For example, it may be a good idea to wait until the roads are cleared before driving. Drivers should also clean snow off their cars before leaving. The Pennsylvania Snow and Ice Removal Law states that drivers should remove snow and ice from their vehicles before driving, especially on their windshield, windows, and roof. In an instance where the car in front of another vehicle has snow on it, it can fall on the succeeding car and obstruct their view of the road. As a result, the chances of an accident occurring can increase. As previously mentioned, cars should leave an adequate amount of space between cars. If a car were to slide and lose control, the cars behind should be far away to avoid collision.

Driving in severe weather conditions can cause many problems for drivers. Once drivers are involved with or have been injured in auto accidents, the insurance company will be contacted. Since plaintiffs will have to settle claims, the attorneys at O’Connor Law can help. We have years of personal experience in fighting for people’s rightful benefits with insurance companies. Contacting our team of Auto Accident attorneys will allow you to receive support on your legal case and the best chance to receive benefits from your accident.

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