New Unemployment Benefit System

In June, the Office of Unemployment Compensation from the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry will implement a new Unemployment Compensation system. The primary initiative of this system is to allow applicants to navigate the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry’s website easier and to complete filing for benefits more efficiently. As a result, people will be able to file claims quickly and have more time and energy to concentrate on applying for new jobs. Unemployment Compensation has been able to provide compensation payments for decades. After around 40 years of using the same system, the Department has decided to implement new changes to better suit people’s needs.

In addition to making the process of filing for weekly and biweekly claims easier, the system will also provide new features. For example, individuals will be able to access a dashboard and message professionals directly using a chat program on the website. The Office of Unemployment Compensation lists that participants will also have the capability to file a new claim, access information about claims, check the status of claims, and the ability to change options on how they can receive communication services and to withhold federal income tax. The Office also states that employers could view information as it becomes available, receive faster response times, and have expert communication about information changes. The current unemployment system sends certain information, such as hearing dates, to individuals on paper through the postal service. With the new system, people will be able to view their notifications and updates online.

The Office of Unemployment Compensation claims that the new program will transition Unemployment Compensation, Pandemic Emergency Unemployment Compensation, Extended Benefits, Shared Work or Short-Time Compensation, and Trade Readjustment Allowances. Since the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program is provided by the CARES Act, it is considered a separate program and will remain unaffected by the change.

Unfortunately, this transition will cause the entire system to shut down temporarily. For two weeks, the unemployment system will not be able to receive claims until after the update. Once the update is complete, applicants will be able to file claims easier than before. To allow people to gain a further understanding of the new unemployment system, the Pennsylvania Department of Labor and Industry will provide tutorials and instruction guides on their website and social medias.

Unemployment Compensation benefits are very important for people who are currently unemployed. The compensation benefits allow them to receive income while they are searching for another source of income. When filing for benefits, the application and filing process should be simple and immediate. With the new system update, people will now be able to experience this opportunity.

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