Unnecessary Surgeries Being Performed For Money

Every day, people are undergoing all types of procedures that are performed by surgeons. All patients who are undergoing these surgeries expect the best and safest treatment possible. Most patients trust their surgeons with their lives when they go under the knife. All patients should think that their doctors are there to improve their health. For some patients, they do not always receive the best and safest treatment from their surgeons. Some surgeons take advantage of their patients and put their patients’ lives at risk for money. A surgeon from Detroit, Michigan is a perfect example of a surgeon who takes advantage of his patients for his own personal greed.

The surgeon from Michigan is being be indicted on multiple chargers for a money fraud scheme. According to an article from www.justice.gov, the surgeon admits causing serious bodily injury to patients in $11 million health care fraud scheme. “Not only did he steal $11 million in insurance proceeds, but he also betrayed his trust to patients by lying to them about the procedures that were medically necessary and that were actually performed.” These bodily injuries that these patients received from their surgeon’s unnecessary surgeries can be life threatening, long term, effect work life, effect home life, etc. According to the article, he admitted to performing unnecessary spinal fusion surgeries for profit. This doctor put his patients’ lives in jeopardy because of his own greed. He was not doing his job by looking for the best interest of his patients. Many hardworking people expect their physician to know what is best for their health.

Doctors should always be honest with their patients and not cause harm to them. No patient should ever have to endure the horrible conditions like the ones caused by this surgeon from Michigan. At O’Connor Law, we want all patients to have 100% support from their doctor. We believe that the actions from doctors like the one from Michigan are absolutely unacceptable. We want all patients from Pennsylvania to have the best and safest health care possible. Every patient deserves to be treated professionally. You should call us for a free case review if you have been involved in injuries such as this. We are here to fight and protect your rights.

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