Bus and Tractor Trailer Crash Near Mount Pocono Leaving 3 Dead

The accident occurred on Wednesday June 3rd 2015 while a charter bus was taking tourists to Niagara Falls. The bus collided with a tractor trailer which ended in 3 people being killed, including the driver.

The accident happened around 10 AM as the bus was travelling from New York City to Niagara Falls on Interstate 380. Over a dozen people were taken to the hospital where 4 of them remain in critical condition, according to the latest reports. The bus was carrying Italian tourists who were en route to see the well known waterfalls.

Investigators have yet to determine exactly what happened in the accident. The bus was upright and had torn through the middle of the trailer, while the cab of the truck was on its side. Another truck was reportedly involved in the incident, but no information has been released as to how.

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