Does Your Car Have A Smart Dash Display?

If you have a car that has been made in the last few years, chances are you have some type of smart display on your dashboard. These displays can link to your phone, control functions in your car, and have many uses that many drivers find convenient. As these displays become more and more intricate and advanced, some people are calling the safety of these interactive displays into question.

Automakers and many drivers are in full support of these displays. Saying that with large icons, controls right on the steering wheel, and advanced voice control features, these displays will make driving safer since drivers won’t be as tempted to fumble around to use their cellphones while driving.

But many lawmakers and driving experts disagree that these displays will increase safety. While this may provide a slightly better alternative to using your smartphone while driving, experts say that taking your eyes off of the road to look at any screen is dangerous.

These smart displays may actually increase the amount of time people take their eyes off of the road. Many drivers at this time have learned through public outreach campaigns or personal experience that using a smartphone while driving is dangerous, and have consequently stopped or severely cut back on their texting (or Facebooking, Selfie-ing, Tweeting etc ) Having a smart display built in to the car will likely make people feel comfortable with using all the available features while driving.

The more your eyes are off the road, the more likely you are to be involved in an accident. This is why texting and driving is illegal in most states. If you were injured in an accident by a distracted driver, you should speak with an attorney about your rights to compensation.

Advancing technology in cars is a highly debated topic and will continue to be in the future. Legislature will need to keep up with the advancements to keep drivers safe on the roads.

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