Tractor Trailer Driver Cited for Failure to Maintain Lane in Delaware Accident

A tractor trailer accident that occurred this week on Coastal Highway 1 in Delaware not only tied up traffic on one of the main routes the beach for shore-goers, it also highlights what can happen when a truck with a wide load loses control of its cargo.

According to, Delaware State Police said the accident happened Thursday afternoon near Waples Pond. That’s where a tractor trailer with a mobile home went onto the shoulder of Del. 1 south and hit a guard rail. The trailer then went back across the southbound lanes of the road and stopped on a grass median, causing the mobile home to come off the trailer and fall in the middle of the road. Police were still clearing the lanes in the area that night.

The left lane of travel was blocked, although no other vehicles were involved. The truck driver was cited for failure to maintain his lane.

Trucks can be difficult to maneuver. Add to it a wide or oversized load like a mobile home and a truck driver must be at his full attention until his cargo is safely unloaded. Even with the slightest distraction, a driver can easily find himself on the shoulder of the road. If you’ve been involved in an accident where a truck driver was cited for not maintaining his lane of travel, you may have a case. Contact the tractor trailer accident attorneys at O’Connor Law for a free review of your case.

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