Tips for Staying Healthy in Extreme Heat

As the majority of the country continues to bake in this summer’s high temperatures, the folks at have provided some tips for staying healthy in the heat.

Keep Cool: Drink plenty of water and avoid prime heat hours by only going outside early or late in the day. Dress for the heat by wearing lightweight and light-colored clothing. Many people end up in the emergency room because they haven’t had enough fluids, or they haven’t taken many breaks from being out in the sun. In addition, many people with chronic illnesses should be aware that their bodies may not regulate temperature properly in the heat. It’s important for the elderly to avoid the heat since their bodies have more trouble keeping them cool.

Managing Medications: Most prescription drugs will be fine in the heat, but insultin and some liquid medications may require cooling. Use a lunch bag with a cool pack to keep those types of meds cool. For those facing evacuation due to power loss, it’s important to keep a record of prescription drugs, either on a piece of paper or a computer accessible file. Experts suggest keeping an emergency one-month supply of prescription medications so you are not caught short. For those with breathing problems, excessive heat can be cause for concern. Patients who use oxygen may need to use more in extreme heat.

Use these tips to stay cool and healthy through the rest of the summer!

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