More Americans are Going Cashless

In this economy, nearly everyone is doing their best to make ends meet. So it was interesting to see an article on that said 43% of Americans go without cash for an entire week, by using debit cards, credit cards, and even mobile phones to make purchases.

But while using plastic for purchases may be more convenient than cash, a 2011 study found that people who pay with cash think more about a purchase. Those who pay with credit are often OK with paying more.

If you find yourself in this situation, there are two tips the experts suggest to help you become more thrifty. First, ask if there is a discount for paying in cash. Changes to Visa and Mastercard rules in 2010 allow merchants to cut prices for customers who are paying with cash. Smaller shops may knock off 2% to 3% of your bill
If you want to buy something on credit, put off the purchase for a few days. This simulates the delay of going to the bank to get the money, and also gives you time to reconsider if what you are planning to buy is really necessary.

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