Attention Ford And Lincoln Owners: Ford Motor Company Recalls Over A Half Of A Million Cars

Ford is recalling about 600,000 cars in four separate campaigns after discovering separate problems with their cars.

The largest recall is 518,000 cars that may have an issues with a bolt in the steering system. This includes 2013-2015 Ford Fusions, 2013-15 Lincoln MKZs, and 2015 Ford Edges. A malfunction could cause the power steering to fail while driving. Dealers are available to replace to the bolt.

50,000 cars are also being recalled for an issue with the fuel pump that can cause the engine to seize and stall. Included in this recall are the 2014 models of the Edge, Focus, Escape, Fiesta and Transit Connect, and also the 2015 model of the Fiesta. Dealers will replace the fuel delivery system to fix this issue.

Around 23,000 2015 Lincoln MKZs are being recalled for having illegal headlights. The headlights are brighter than they are allowed to be by law, which can make hazardous conditions for other drivers who are blinded by the lights. Ford dealers will update the software on these MKZs to resolve the issues.

Lastly, the 2015 Ford F-150 may have a heat shield that can cause a fire hazard. Even though no fires have been reported from this defective heat shield, around 100 F-150s are being recalled so these shields can be replaced.

If you own one of these models, contact your Ford dealer or Ford Motor Company directly to see how they will resolve the issue.

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