Record Low Amount of Deaths Due To Traffic Accidents

2014 saw the lowest amount of deaths from traffic accidents in Pennsylvania since they began recording traffic deaths in 1928. The total number of deaths from traffic accidents for Pennsylvania in 2014 was 1,195.

PennDOT gives credit to a large decrease in unbuckled driving, drunk driving, and drivers hitting trees.

Unfortunately the number of fatalities from fatigued drivers, and drivers falling asleep at the wheel went up from 2013 to 2014, even though PennDOT has invested in measures to counter this in recent years. Approximately $50 million has been invested in the last 5 years in adding rumble strips and other safety measures to counter this, but the fatalities are still growing.

Older drivers, specifically those over the age of 65, have also been in more fatal accidents in the past year than in previous years. PennDOT is offering courses to help older drivers refresh their driving skills. Details are available at

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