Where is the Most Dangerous Place to be on a Motorcycle?

According to the Administration for National Highway Traffic Safety, on average 3 motorcycle riders are killed in multivehicle accidents at intersections every day! 46% of motorcycle crashes happen in this way. Sadly, it is the riders fault only 4% of the time.

The reason this is so common is because when people are making turns or other maneuvers at intersections, they will normally check around them looking for other vehicles, they are usually not looking for motorcycles. They may not notice the rider because they are much smaller than cars or trucks.

So how can you help avoid such a devastating accident when there is a 96% chance it won’t even be your fault? Here are a few tips:

1) Act as if you are invisible- if you keep a mindset like this you will be looking out for drivers to not see you. Assuming that they can see you is how most of these accidents happen.
2) Wear a bright color- yellow is the color most easily seen by the human eye but a lime green or other bright color will work too if you don’t like yellow.
3) Let other vehicles go into the intersection ahead of you- although you may have the right of way, waving someone else on in front of you could save your life. If you are next to a vehicle going the same way you are, following them will help because other drivers will see their car.

Don’t gamble on a motorcycle. While it may end up being the other person’s fault, it is your life that you’re risking. Assume drivers around you will make mistakes and you’ll be ready for them.

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