Children Injured When Truck Strikes Bus

About 25 children were injured on Friday when the bus they were riding in was struck from behind by a tractor trailer on Interstate 81 in Hazle Township.

According to an article by the Associated Press, the children were part of a summer program through the Hazleton YMCA. They were on a day trip when their bus was hit by the truck as it traveled in the southbound lanes of 81. The children suffered only minor injuries.

The Times-Tribune reports that the accident happened when the school bus slowed as it entered a construction area along 81.

We’re grateful to hear that the children who were hurt in this unfortunate accident did not suffer serious injuries. But it does remind us that Pennsylvania has a Work Zone Safety (WZS) Law to help prevent accidents and keep drivers, passengers, and construction road workers safe. The WZS Law includes the following points, found on the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation’s website.

Headlights On: All motorists must turn on their headlights in posted work zones, including drivers with daytime running lights.

Speed-Monitoring Devices: Depending on the project cost, some work zones will have a speed-monitoring device to alert drivers of their speed as they enter the work zone.
Fifteen-Day Loss of License for Driving Dangerously: If a motorist is caught driving 11 miles per hour or more above the posted speed limit in an active work zone, they will automatically lose their license for 15 days. This includes drivers who are involved in a crash in an active work zone.

Fines Doubled/Jail Time Increased: Some fines for traffic violations are doubled in active work zones. They include speeding, driving under the influence, and failure to obey traffic devices.

Your best bet is to take your time and drive slow through active work zones. This way you can keep alert of traffic pattern changes. It might take a little more time, but in the end, you’ll help to keep our roads safe.

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