Watch Out for Fall and Early Winter Driving Hazards

Since daylight savings time is now over and the clocks have rolled back we are pretty deep into the fall season. As winter approaches and we get less sunlight each day, there are some driving hazards that come up this time of year that we didn’t have to deal with during the summer.

Sun glare now coincides with many people’s morning and evening commutes. For many this is during rush hour traffic, the amount of people on the roads and the dangers of being blinded by the sun while driving can make for a pretty bad situation.

Keep your sunglasses handy where you don’t have to reach or look around for them while driving and remove items from your sun visor so you can put it down when needed. Also remember that dirty windshields can reflect sunlight and cause a glare that can be hard to see though, so keep your windshield clean.

Frosty mornings and wet leaves can turn any road into a slippery situation. Since the leaves are falling and the temperatures can drop below freezing at night, keep an eye out for slippery roads.  Since winter is coming this is a good time to check your tires to see if they need to be replaced.

Stay safe this fall.

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