PennDOT Urges Family To Talk To Older Drivers

The first week of December has been deemed “Older Driver Safety Awareness Week.” With over 20% of PA drivers being over the age of 65, and around 15% of all accidents involving an older driver, PennDOT is stressing the need for families and friends of elderly drivers to speak openly about driving safety.

Most drivers who have been driving for years are afraid to lose their mobility as they get older. Not all older drivers need to give up their license however. PennDOT offers driver improvement courses to help sharpen driving skills.  A list of these courses are available at Many insurance companies will even give a discount to older drivers who complete one of these approved courses.

If someone does need to consider giving up their driver’s license, there are resources available to them and their family at Just because someone can’t drive, doesn’t mean they need to give up their mobility.

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