Tips for Grilling Safely

Although the end of July is upon us, we’ve still got a few more weeks of summer left to enjoy and relax. One of the highlights is summer is cooking on the grill. So we thought we’d provide these tips we found on to make sure you’re grilling safely.

Remember to always wash your hands before you begin to prepare and grill your food.

Keep meats and seafoods cold before grilling. Keep them in the refrigerator or in a cooler if you are away from home. A safe temperature to keep them at is 40 degrees or below.

When preparing your meal, keep meats and other foods separate. Don’t use the same cutting board for meat and vegetables.

If you plan on using marinades, keep them in the refrigerator and don’t let them sit out.

Make sure meats are cooked thoroughly at 140 degrees or above until they are ready to be served.

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