Tik Tok Trend Presents Danger To Participants

Social media has created online communities, and continues to drive online communication.  As this process occurs, the media adapts.  The newest adaptation in this trend is an app known as “Tik Tok”.  The app, which was started in China in 2016, launched in the United States in 2018 and has become an enormous hit with the country’s youth.  As with the social media of the past and present, Tik Tok trends have become prevalent.  Their flagship trend is called a “challenge”.  During Tik Tok Challenges, the participants attempt to recreate previous videos made by other users.  They all share the same general actions, music, dances, etc.

The newest, and most dangerous Challenge is titled “The Skull Breaker Challenge”.  This consists of three individuals standing side by side. As the middle participant jumps into the air, the two outside participants kick the legs out from underneath him/her.  As you may predict, this challenge has caused head, neck, and back injuries to many of its participants, which is how it received its charming name.  Some of these injuries have been severe, causing serious complications.

While Tik Tok has requested its users not participate in dangerous challenges like The Skull Breaker Challenge, their requests have largely gone ignored.  With COVID-19’s impacts driving online activity through the roof, Tik Tok users have continued to churn out these dangerous videos.

The Skull Breaker Challenge has reportedly resulted in consequences like brain trauma, seizures, loss of consciousness, memory loss, blurred vision, and much more.  In some circumstances, the victim of the challenge may be entitled to pursue damages for their injuries.  For example, if a Skull Breaker Challenge occurs at a school, and the school district failed to provide a safe environment, the district may be liable for physical and emotional damages.   Similar circumstances may apply for individuals who suffer injuries at the hands, or feet, of Tik Tok Challenge participants.

If a victim is unaware that he/she is participating in The Skull Breaker Challenge, then the two other participants can be held liable.  Circumstances, such as participants’ prior knowledge regarding the actions that would occur in a video, may impact liability.

If you, your child, or a loved one has been the victim of a serious injury or condition caused by The Skull Breaker Challenge, or any other harmful internet trend, you may be entitled to damages.  It’s extremely important that you contact a Personal Injury attorney quickly, to ensure you receive the full extent what you are entitled to.

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