Statistics Show Increase in Deaths on Pennsylvania Highways Last Year

According to statistics from the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, 1,310 people were killed on PA highways last year, 24 more than the previous year. Increases included senior driver deaths, which were up by 32, pedestrian deaths which were up by 19, and motorcycle deaths, which were up by 11.

According to an article on, a spokeswoman with the American Automobile Association said that a theory behind the increase in deaths for motorcyclists and older driver could be that there are more of them on the roads. The increase in pedestrians deaths could be related to increases in traffic in urban areas and more people walking to save gas.

However, the number of teen traffic deaths was down across the state, perhaps due to tougher state laws. Also, numbers show that there are fewer younger drivers on the road. Among 16- and 17-year-old drivers, there was a decline from 99,234 in 2011 to 79,393 in 2012.

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