Schuylkill County Coroner Promotes Seatbelt Use After Accidents

At a time when the young people of our county should be celebrating the end of the school year and graduation, we’ve instead seen too many tragic headlines about teenagers who have died in car accidents where they were not wearing seatbelts. But Schuylkill County’s coroner is determined to bring the need for seatbelt use to light.

In an article on the, Dr. David J. Moylan addressed this issue with the Schuylkill County commissioners at their monthly meeting this week. So far, Moylan said his office has examined 10 people who have died in car accidents this year. He is in the process of collecting data for a report on seat belts and car accidents. Moylan hopes to involve schools, community members, and the board of commissioners in a campaign to promote seat belt use.

Moylan suggested that school students be shown pictures from virtual autopsies conducted on accident victims. A virtual autopsy can be less upsetting to view than actual accident photos because a virtual autopsy is a 3D image done by a CAT scan. In the article, Moylan said, “I think it could have a very dramatic effect.”

Two Schuylkill County commissioners who were at the work session suggested involving the Northeast Pennsylvania Highway Safety Program as well.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the accident victims as well as their friends and fellow students. Lives cut short too young affect our entire community. We encourage everyone to wear their seatbelt whenever they are travelling in a car, even if only for a short distance. We support the efforts of Dr. Moylan and hope the campaign to promote seatbelt use saves more lives.

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