Scam Alert Regarding Your Electric Provider

We’ve been hearing reports of Schuylkill County residents receiving calls from scam artists pretending to be employees of their local electric utility provider. In some cases, the caller is asking for personal information, account information, and money. In other cases, the caller is threatening to have electric service to a home shut off if an additional payment is not made immediately.

According to PPL Electric’s January newsletter, don’t be fooled by these scammers. If you have a question about someone who called you claiming to represent PPL or any other utility provider, call PPL or the utility provider to verify what you are being called about. If things don’t check out, call your local police department.

PPL advises that although someone representing their company could come to your door, most visits to customers are scheduled ahead of time, so you know when they will be coming to your home. If someone claims to be from PPL and comes to your door, they recommend you follow these safety tips:

  • Don’t open your door. Ask the person to hold up their identification so you can view it through your window. All PPL employees and contractors carry identification.
  • If there is still some question about the person’s identity, call PPL to confirm if the person has been scheduled to work in your area.

It never hurts to take that extra measure to be sure you and your family are safe

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