Reminder to Pennsylvania Motorists: Clear Snow From Your Vehicle

As Pennsylvania residents brace for another winter storm, motorists are reminded to make sure all snow and ice are cleared from their vehicles before going on the road. posted a story on their website, after noticing a number of drivers who were on the road with piles of snow on the top of their cars.

Pennsylvania passed a law which allows drivers to be fined between $200 to $1,000 if snow or ice injures or kills a person. When snow and ice piles on top on a car or truck, it can fly off, possibly onto the windshield of another passing vehicle. The law was passed after an Easton man lost his wife five years ago, when a chunk of ice flew off a tractor-trailer and landed on her car, killing her instantly.

So before you take to the road, make sure you’ve cleared any snow or ice from your vehicle. Take precautions and be safe driving.

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