Pottsville City Council Approves Restriction on Cell Use in City Vehicles

Restrictions on cell phone use while driving is a growing trend across the country and one that we at the O’Connor Law Firm have put into practice. So we were encouraged by a recent article in our local paper, the Republican Herald, that reported that Pottsville City Council approved an ordinace restricting cell phone use during city business.

According to the article, the ordinance states that the driver of any vehicle from the city or any vehicle being used for city business is “prohibited from using a mobile communication device, cell phone or computer of any type while the vehicle is in motion.” It states that drivers must park if they need to use such a device.

The ordinance was suggested by city Police Chief Joseph Murton, as the result of a monthly safety committee meeting. It does not, however, apply to police or fire fighters who are responding to emergency situations.

We may excuse our use of a cell phone while driving because we’re “just making a quick call.” No matter how long or short the call, this is distracted driving and it could cause an accident in which we may injury ourselves or others. If you’ve been injured by someone who was using a cell phone while driving, you may have a case. Contact the accident attorneys at O’Connor Law for a free review of your case.

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