Pennsylvania Could Pass Ban on Hand-Held Cell Phone Use

An article on recently reported that Pennsylvania state Rep. Thomas R. Caltagirone believes a texting bill and an amendment prohibiting drivers from using cell phones has a chance to pass the House of Representatives. The state House is expected to vote on this bill this week.

The texting bill was sponsored by Rep. Josh Shapiro, D-Montgomery County, but did not pass the House in 2009. Shapiro recently resubmitted the bill along with the cell phone amendment.

In the article, Caltagirone referred to the bill by saying, “It will stop deaths on the highway. Texting while driving is an accident waiting to happen.”

The bill was introduced last March by Shapiro at a press conference with Jacy Good of Lititz. Good’s parents, Jay and Jean Good, were killed in May 2008 when a driver talking on a cell phone went through a red light, causing a tractor trailer to swerve into the path of the Goods’ vehicle.

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