PennDOT’s Winter Driving Awareness Week

PennDOT is kicking of their Winter Driving Awareness Week by reminding drivers that extra preparation and care needs to be taken while driving during the next few months.

Winter Driving Awareness Week is January 11th through January 17th. The state’s Department of Transportation wants everyone to make sure they are prepared for snowy and icy roads through the rest of the winter.

Being prepared means making sure your tires have enough traction to grip slippery roads, having items you may need such as an ice scraper, or rock salt in your car, and giving yourself enough time to get where you need to go if you need to slow down due to road conditions.

A mechanic that you trust should check your car out every year before the winter driving months. If you haven’t already done so, you should check to make sure your tires have enough traction, your windshield wipers work properly, and overall your car is in good running condition.

PennDOT also recommends having an emergency kit in your car. Although it’s not very likely, people have gotten stuck in their car for long periods of time due to road conditions. First aid supplies, road flares, extra clothes, a smack shovel, a phone charger, blankets, non-perishable food items and beverages should all be included in your emergency kit for the winter.

Drivers are also encouraged to be mindful of snowplows. It is recommended that you never pass a snow plow that is plowing on the highway as the roads may not be cleared in front of the plow. Also remember that the plow extends farther to the sides of the truck and plows have blind spots, so travelling next to a plow is dangerous. Plowing can create a rift that can redirect your tires causing you to slide, so be mindful of where rifts and snow banks may be.

Stay safe on the roads this winter.

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