Icy Road Conditions Across PA

The freezing rain and overall icy conditions on Sunday created a dangerous situation for drivers in PA, especially in the Philadelphia region. Interstates 95, 76, 476 and the Roosevelt Boulevard all saw accidents on Sunday.  At least three people tragically died from these accidents.

Around 60 cars were involved in a pileup on the Schuylkill Expressway not far from the Gulph Mills exit. One person was killed in this wreck and at least 30 others were injured. The road was closed in both directions for part of the day Sunday as crews worked to clean up the damage.

On 476 in Delaware County, two people were killed in another multivehicle crash near Marple Road. This accident began when a tractor trailer lost control and slid on the ice. The area of 476 was closed for the remainder of the morning Sunday.

PennDOT crews had been working to keep the roads salted to avoid ice, but with the thousands of miles of roads they need to cover they cannot keep all of them from icing when the temperatures drop.  Remember to slow down when driving in conditions that can produce ice. If you do start to slip, hitting the brakes can end up spinning your car as some of your tires may catch the road while others do not.

Stay safe the rest of this winter.

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