PA State Rep Pushes for Motorcycle Safety Bill

This week, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives could vote on a bill that would require anyone under 18 who wants a Class M (motorcycle) junior driver’s license to complete a safety course.

According to an article on, State Rep. Seth Grove, R-Dover Township, is the proponent behind this safety measure, known as House Bill 254. It was approved by the House Transportation Committee last week.

The course is 15 hours and would be provided free of charge, paid for through registration fees. It includes topics such as proper motorcycle techniques, drinking and driving, and defensive driving.

In the article, Grove is quoted as saying, “A motorcycle is very different than driving a car. On a motorcycle, your’re out there on your own. We need to change the mentality, ingrain in the youngest drivers that you cannot afford to drink while driving…especially a motorcycle.”

The course is currently available to all motorcyclists on an optional basis. It’s called the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Safety Program. The 2012 program begins in February.

If the bill is approved, it should go into effect next year.

With the arrival of spring in a few short weeks, it’s a sure bet that the number of motorcycles on the road will increase. But so will the accidents.

According to Grove, “The goal of my legislation is to cut down on the number of motorcycle crashes and deaths we see every year.”

We applaud the efforts of Rep. Grove to ensure the safety of young Pennsylvanians who take to the road on motorcycles and we hope for the passage of this bill.

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