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LIHEAP Benefits Extended

An additional $52.3 million is available to those who qualify for the Low Income Energy Assistance Program through Mach 31.

According to a Department of Public Welfare news release, the extra funds bring the total of this year’s assistance to $209.5 million.

LIHEAP is a federally funded program that provides assistance for heating bills and income guidelines must be met.

The program has two components – a Crisis Exception Program which provides assistance if heat has been shut off or almost runs out; and a Regular Crisis Program if a person has an emergency heat loss situation.

To apply for LIHEAP, go to LIHEAP limitations
According to PA DPW, the following are the income limits and household sizes for current LIHEAP season:

1 person – $16,335
2 people – $22,065
3 people – $27,795
4 people – $33,525
5 people – $39,255
6 people – $44,985
7 people – $50,715
8 people – $56,445
9 people – $62,175
10 people – $67,905

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