Legislation Being Pushed to Require Truck Drivers to Remove Ice and Snow from Top of Trailers

The calendar may be edging slowly toward spring, but the temperatures here in Pennsylvania are anything but spring-like. Although the weather forecasts have yet to show if we may see any more snow this month, that’s not stopping one PA senator from pushing for legislation involving snow and ice on top of big trucks.

In an article on WFMZ.com, Sen. Lisa Boscola, D-Northampton/Leghigh, is backing a bill that will require big truck drivers to remove ice and snow before they take to the road.

Currently, under Pennsylvania law a driver can be fined if snow or ice that comes off of his or her vehicle either causes bodily injury or death. But in New Jersey, a driver can be fined for failing to clear their vehicles before driving.

In an article on LehighValleyLive.com, the senator explains that technology is now available to help truckers remove snow and ice without having to manually climb their trailer to do the removal. An example is the Walgreens distribution center in Lower Nazareth Township. Truck pass under a snow-clearing system that consists of a V-shaped plow blade. Trucks go under a steel frame that holds the plow. When a truck passes under it, the snow and ice are removed and takes all of 5 minutes. Installing such equipment at truck stops and rest areas would be beneficial for truck drivers.

The bill is under review by the Senate Transportation Committee.

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