Fatal Crash on I-83 in York County, PA involving Passenger Car and Truck

WGAL.com reported a fatal accident on Monday involving a passenger car and two tractor trailers that took place on I-83 in Manchester Township, York County.

State police reported that a tractor trailer going northbound on I-83 merged into the left lane, forcing a Subaru that was already in the left lane into the concrete median. As the tractor trailer continued to merge left, the Subaru traveled up and over the median wall, and fell into oncoming traffic in the southbound lane. Another tractor trailer traveling in the southbound lane tried unsuccessfully to avoid the Subaru, and jack-knifed across both southbound lanes.

According to the article, state police believe the hood of the Subaru unlatched and flew back onto the windshield of the car, killing the driver.

This tragic incident reminds us that as we travel this summer, it’s important for trucks and cars to share the road. DriveSafePA.com offers some tips for sharing the road:

Trucks weigh more and need more time to stop. A fully-loaded tractor-trailer can take almost twice as long to stop as a car. When driving in front of a truck, don’t slow down suddenly unless it is absolutely necessary. Be sure to signal a turn or lane change in plenty of time to allow the truck driver to react. If traffic in front of you has come to a standstill, put on your emergency blinkers to alert drivers behind you.

Don’t hang out in the no-zone. If you can’t see the truck driver or the truck’s mirrors, then the driver can’t see you. When you’re following a truck, be sure to stay far enough back and even out a bit to the left, so that the truck driver can see you in his rearview mirror.

When passing a truck, don’t linger alongside the truck since that can put you in the driver’s blind spot. When you are fare enough ahead of the truck that you can see the front tires in hour rearview mirror, it is safe to pull in front of the truck. But never pull in front of a truck and slow down, as this eliminates the truck driver’s cushion of safety.

Have a safe and happy time traveling this summer!

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