Despite the Lingering Cold, Drivers Are Advised to Clean Snow and Ice from Their Cars

With temperatures here in Pennsylvania refusing to move above the teens and 20’s, it’s easy for drivers to want to hop into their cars once they are warmed up and simply take off. But according to PA law, all drivers must clear any remaining snow and ice from their vehicles before taking to the road, or else face penalties.

According to an article on the, if snow or ice dislodges from your vehicle and strikes a pedestrian or another vehicle, causing death or serious bodily injury, you could face fines of $200 to $1,000 for each offense. Also, police can issue citations of $25 for each offense plus costs if you don’t clear your vehicles of snow or ice.

Troopers encourage motorists to clean all windows so you can see out of them clearly, rather than clearing off just a portion of a window.

If snow or ice dislodges from a vehicle, it can cause other motorists to swerve to avoid the flying debris, which can cause an accident.

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