Car and Tractor-Trailer Collide in Shenandoah

Our local paper, the RepublicanHerald, published an article on Wednesday about a tractor-trailer accident in the town of Shenandoah.

According to borough police, the truck was traveling south on Main Street and had its turn signal on to make a right onto West Centre Street. A driver and passenger in a Mitsubishi Galant were also heading south on Main Street in the right hand lane. According to the article, as the truck turned right, it struck the Galant, causing damage to the driver’s side and windshield and the passenger-side rear tire was pushed off its rim. There were no injuries.

Drive Safe PA states in their Safe Driving Facts that driver behavior accounts for more than 80 percent of all Pennsylvania crashes. They also note that because trucks are so long, they need to swing wide when making a tight right turn. Drive Safe PA cautions: Don’t be fooled by thinking you can squeeze by on the right. So when you are out on the road, pay attention to large trucks that are around you. We all need to share the road!

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