California Tour Bus Crash Leaves 8 Dead and 42 Injured

A crash involving a tour bus in California on Sunday has left 8 people dead and 42 injured and those numbers are expected to rise.

According to an article on, the National Transportation Safety Board has sent a team to investigate the crash, in an effort to piece together what happened. So far, the bus driver is being questioned and witnesses say that the bus was going very fast. They also said that they saw smoke coming from the back of the bus. A spokeswoman for the California Department of Transportation said, “I heard that the driver, when interviewed by the CHP, indicated that he had problems with his brakes, but nothing has been proven so far.”

The bus rear-ended a sedan in San Bernardino County around 6:30 PM in a mountainous region. The top of the bus over the driver’s seat was caved in and part of the roof was ripped open. The sloping highway has made it difficult for rescue vehicles to reach the crash. They are still trying to get to bodies inside the bus.

The tour bus company is out of National City, California. Federal safety records had no reports of crashes in the past two-year reporting period for the company.

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