Annual Operation CARE Campaign Cancelled After Fatal Crash

In an ironic twist of fate, the annual Operation CARE Campaign that reminds motorists to drive safely as they travel during the Memorial Day weekend was cancelled after a fatal accident occurred Thursday evening at the location of the event.

The event was planned to take place at the Welcome Center on Pennsylvania’s Interstate 70 in Donegal, Washington County. According to the, two people were killed when the tractor trailer in which they were riding struck another eastbound tractor trailer and careened into the Welcome Center. Their truck then struck two parked tractor trailers before catching fire. State police said the Welcome Center remains closed.

Operation CARE, or Combined Accident Reduction Effort, is a nationwide program by AAA and the state police designed to reduce accidents through enforcement, education, and the media.

We all mark the beginning of summer with the start of Memorial Day weekend. If you are traveling this holiday, please remember to wear your seat belt, follow the rules of the road, and never use your cell phone to text while driving. If you must make a call, use a hands-free device or simply pull off to the side of the road while you make your call. From all of us at O’Connor Law, stay safe and enjoy the holiday weekend!

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