Amtrak Derailment Injures Over 200 People, 7 Dead

One of the worst train derailments in recent history has occurred on a heavily used line in the Philadelphia area. The train left Washington DC on Tuesday heading for New York City, with over 200 passengers and 5 crew members on board.

Around 9:30 PM the train derailed at a high rate of speed. Investigators are looking into whether or not the train was moving faster than it should have been to make it safely around the curve where it derailed.

Over 200 people were taken to local hospitals. Around half of them have been released according to the latest information. Some passengers are in critical condition, and sadly 7 people have died so far from the wreck. Most of the injuries were caused by objects and other passengers being thrown around inside the train.

Another factor being investigated in the derailment is the state of the track where it occurred. Frankford Junction, as the area is known, is heavily used by trains. Some experts claim it’s hard to keep the tracks in the area in a state of good repair.

This is Septa’s 9th train derailment this year. Many sources are blaming the aging infrastructure of the train systems for the increasing rate of problems.

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