Summer Travels Safety Reminders

Summer brings many exciting things – warm weather, beach trips, days by the pool and more. However, it also brings a new list of potential dangers to the road.

This summer, stay safe by keeping these points in mind:

Increase in Younger Drivers

When school lets out for summer vacation, teenagers with newly acquired licenses are itching to grab their friends, hit the road and get to the beach or latest country concert. Although they are legally licensed drivers, there is no such thing as “too cautious.”

There will be more cars on the road in summer, and many of those drivers will be young. Teen and adult drivers alike need to be keeping an eye out on the road, and obeying the rules no matter if you’ve been driving for three months or 30 years.

Vacation Traffic

Everyone just wants their vacation to start and will be eager to get moving on the road this summer. This is the perfect recipe for an accident. Make sure to be extra careful as you make your way to your well-deserved summer destination.

Heat, Heat, Heat

The summer heat and threat of dehydration can certainly affect a person’s driving. Make sure your AC is fully functioning, and that you have plenty of water bottles on hand before making any long trips.

Tire Safety

Heat has been proven to cause tires to expand and blow out. Ensuring your tires are at a proper inflation level and sturdy enough to make trips is crucial to keeping the road safe this summer.



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