Motorcyclist Killed in Collision with Jeep in Erie

An accident that took the life of a motorcyclist in Erie is a stark reminder that all drivers must look out for motorcycles on the road.

According to an article on, a woman driving a Jeep Liberty struck a man on a motorcycle early last week in Union City. The crash took place about 2 PM at Wager Road. The woman stopped at an intersection and then proceeded to turn left, turning into the path of the motorcycle. When she realized she had pulled in front of the motorcycle, she swerved her vehicle sharply to the left. The motorcyclist tried to pass the Jeep on its driver’s side, but collided with the Jeep instead. The man was thrown from the bike, struck an embankment, and died instantly.

The Motorcycle Safety Foundation offer tips for car and truck drivers on their website that can help when sharing the road with motorcycles. A few things they remind us about include the following:

Because of its small size, a motorcycle can be hidden by blind spots such as door or roof pillars or masked by objects or backgrounds outside, such as bushes, fences, or bridges. Take an extra moment to look for motorcycles, especially when you are changing lanes or turning at intersections.

Because a motorcycle is small in size, it may look farther away than it really is. It can also be difficult to judge a motorcycle’s speed. When checking traffic at an intersection, assume a motorcycle is closer than it appears.

There are still a few weeks of summer left, so remember these tips as you share the road with motorcycles.

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