Drunk Driving

Driving under the influence is one of the worst offenses that a driver can commit. Every day, people are getting killed and seriously injured after people decide to drive while intoxicated. These people who commit the dangerous crime of “driving under the influence” are putting themselves and other people at great risk.

In 2012, a man crashed his car in Rhode Island while he was driving while intoxicated. The crash caused the death of his girlfriend and the loss of his legs. The man was wanted in Florida prior to the crash for a probation violation related to drunk driving and not having a driver’s license. The man was charged for killing his girlfriend and for driving under the influence. He is currently waiting to be sentenced and he is facing 25 years in prison.

Drivers should always be aware of the dangers that occur on the roadway. Incidents that are similar to the one in Rhode Island happen every day in this country. Everyone should know that each crash does not just impact the people in the crash but their family, friends, coworkers and more. According to MADD.org, $132 billion is spent every year from the result of drunk driving.

Driving under the influence is unacceptable and it should not be tolerated at any circumstance. At O’Connor Law, we want everyone to be safe when they enter the roadway. No one should be driving if they are under the influence. Our law firm has dealt with many cases such as deadly auto accidents in the past and we want to give the victims of these accidents the support that they deserve. We are here to fight and protect your rights.

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